Free Training Video Reveals How To Legally STALK Your Real Estate Leads


Having Trouble Getting Leads To Call You Back? What If You Could Follow Them Around EVERYWHERE They Went?

Watch This Short Video To Learn How You Can Legally Stalk Your Leads And Double Your Close Rate! (It's A REALLY Cool Method)

"It’s like having an army of sales reps follow your potential clients around..."

The last piece of the puzzle to getting clients to chase YOU, not the other way around.

Ready To Put Lead Followup & Conversion On Autopilot?

Yes! - I’m Tired Of Chasing Leads

Learn how you can utilize the most powerful advertising platform in history to build an army of virtual sales robots that chase your warm and cold leads around the web, driving them back again and again to your listings, for less than the cost of coffee for the office… sound too good to be good?
Let me explain...

The PROBLEM With Hot Leads... They’re HOT Till They’re NOT! You only have a LIMITED TIME to close the deal...

AND ITS NOT JUST THAT - You Need To “Touch” Your Lead 7 to 13 Times Before You Can Even Think Of A Sale!

Here's Your Options...

Either you need to CHASE your client around leaving voice mails, text messages, and emails - HOPING they’ll return your call.

OR - Stay In Front Of Them ALL Day Long. How? Don’t worry! We’ll dive into that…

Some Might Assume...

Don’t assume they’ll call you back. There’s a really good chance they simply have too many offers in-front of them.

In a buyers market, you need to stay ahead of the competition.

The Incredible Possibility...

What could increasing your close rate 20%, 30% or 50% - or even by 200% - mean to the bottom line of your business? Could it be the difference between just barely reaching your goals, or creating a whole new TYPE of real-estate venture?

The Math Is SIMPLE: Faster Closes = More Closes.

"By Staying IN FRONT Of Leads instead of chasing them I was Able To Save HOURS, that allowed me to focus on getting fresh leads and closing more deals!"

Dear Reader,

writingAgents come to me all the time with one simple (but huge problem) – it’s hard as heck to get a lead to return your call or email! Maybe you have a listing on Craigslist, or other real-estate listing sites, or even your own site… and someone comes to you seemingly really excited about a property you represent.

You spend a lot of time filling them on the details, maybe they even agree to a showing! Awesome, deal-in-hand! Right? Wrong… You’ve probably experienced the frustration of having an interested party seem like a certain close, and then POOF they’re gone! No replies to calls, no emails, notta – they just seem to vanish!

Is it because they found a different place or didn’t like the options? Possibly. But a big part of any loss sale is a NOISY MARKET PLACE. There are TONS of home listed every day. And when a buyer is looking, there’s dozens of hungry agents clawing at their attention. How can you stand out from the crowed?

You need TWO special things.

ONE: Top of MIND & Line of SIGHT – you need to stay in-front of them with all your options, if you want to get the sale, you HAVE to keep the conversation going. Bench advertisements aren’t enough anymore. Remember, you need at least 7 to 13 ‘touches’ before you can even think of closing the sale.

TWO: KLTCC Method! Know, Like, Trust, Challenge, Convert. You need to become their guide in an often confusing and trap filled marketplace. Become their guide, teach and help them, and you’re almost guaranteed the sale.

(Ok there’s a THIRD THING – but you already have it. The ability to close the sale!)

With those two things in mind we’ve created the ULTIMATE Lead to Sale system designed for agents who KNOW they have what it takes to close the sale if they could JUST get leads to keep the conversation going…

Let’s take a look at the BEST Follow Up Sales Method - And How You Can Do It All Automatically!

Step 1 - Find Your Target, Better Yet Have Them Find You

Chances are you already have a website, list on craigslist, and utilize some form of outdoor advertising. Generally it’s not TOO terribly tough to find someone who’s looking to buy a new home. The tough part comes next, the follow up.

There’s some REALLY awesome things you can do in this part of the process that will make follow-up down the road much easier.

Step 2 - Step 2 - Let Technology Do The Heavy Lifting

Next it’s your job to stay in their face consistently, and somehow NOT be annoying... Like a billboard that follows you around so that you can install trust and a brand image, that will help you close the deal.

THIS part of the process can be almost ALL automated. Utilizing the power of Retargeting (more on that later) you can literally follow your prospect around the web.